The only-of-its-kind
courtyard farm homes

A medley of rural indian culture,
ancestral concepts and
modern amenities

Envelope yourself in
the wonders of nature

Your own playlist filled
with sounds of nature

The only-of-its-kind
courtyard farm homes

Envelope yourself in
the wonders of nature

Your own playlist filled
with sounds of nature

Time to Rewind

Return to simplicity.
Escape into a new reality.

All of us are so entangled in the fast paced city life that we have to “escape” to revisit those old times and shell out extra bucks just to experience peace. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to hit the rewind button and go back to those days? When regular walk in itself be a nature trial and deep breaths no longer make us cough.

A wonderfully slow
and satisfying life

A couple of generations ago life was wonderfully slow and satisfying as everyone lived around nature, respected greenery, and made their living with it. Flora, fauna, and humanity lived in perfect harmony, complementing each other at every step.

Bringing back
courtyard living

Courtyard homes are architectural marvels that encompass the goodness of shelter and the magic of nature to aid wellness and happiness. Back in the day, almost every home was designed in this manner because connecting with nature was said to benefit us physically and mentally.

Time to Relive

Envelope yourself
in the wonders
of nature

Watch video

Time to Refresh

A journey in the outdoor
that takes you within.

Rejuvenate at our Wellness Village by indulging in farm grown food, recreational activities and spa therapy.
Take a break from your daily hustle to spend time with yourself and the ones that matter to you.
A wellness village amidst nature is an ideal getaway

Promote wellness in
a blanket of greenery

A backdrop of greenery is something all of us have driven for hours to enjoy. But those fleeting experiences are not enough to help our body and mind. This is why we have taken a tree-mendous leap towards healthy living with a carefully architected forest that has hand-picked plants, each of special significance.

Grow freshness.
Eat healthy. Stay well.

Our eco-resort has been planned around the farm-to-fork concept so that you eat what you grow with no middlemen or harmful pesticides to speed up the process. Make meals with freshly-grown, pesticide-free produce without ever leaving the community farmhouse. 70 different varieties of plantation along with 20 medicinal plants, seasonal fruits, rare fruits, and vegetables adorn the property, waiting to be plucked and cooked in the lavish 21-feet kitchen.


Handpicked fruit & flowers
bearing trees envelope you.


Open green space covered
in a blanket of greenery.

28,750 SFT.

Clubhouse and wellness village
designed for well being.

Clubhouse Amenities

This is not your average gated-community clubhouse that is overloaded with amenities in a small space. This is a 3-acre clubhouse that’s nothing short of a mini resort all by itself. It redefines convenience & luxury and simplifies active living.


Clubhouse Entrance

Swimming Pool

Banquet Hall

Guest Suite


Mini Theatre

Indoor Games

Alfresco Dining



About Dhiriti Livespaces

Dhriti Live Spaces have a combined experience of 35 years in Farming & sustainable development, thus producing strategic fitment to achieve holistic wellness and sustainability with high profit and scalability. We focuses on bringing sustainability to your daily life. It puts together serene living systems that emit standards of community sustainable living and creates strong social impact in the suburban and rural regions while creating an assured profitable income for the investors.

Buy a Dhriti courtyard home today to rewind, refresh, and relive – Buy one to seriously start living.

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